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We created our new Casual Elegance collection to appeal to a very specific personality. Our inspiration describes herself as fairly traditional, but with a keen desire to stay on trend and fashion-forward in her personal style. This preference is evident in the way she dresses and the way she furnishes her home. This is a person who aspires to sophistication but wants to balance that sense with a feeling of playfulness, approachability, and easy comfort.

Casual Elegance is designed to enchant this discriminating lady. The collection has an opulent yet accessible appeal, with graceful silhouettes enhanced by dramatic custom finishes in shades like silver and black, softly textured fabrics and luxurious details. Traditional stylings like wing backs and skirts are slimmed down for a lighter more feminine sensibility.

While the aesthetic appeal is a high priority for our Casual Elegance personality, so is comfort. She wants to sink into a feeling of complete relaxation and calm after a long day. It's not just about self-expression, it's also about finding sanctuary. That's why we're using a newly engineered super plush foam for all the cushions in this collection. Neatly tailored and firm, they are also wonderfully comfortable, and spring right back into shape when it's time to arise.

Our Casual Elegance personality craves flexibility. Her life is always changing and her home needs to evolve to keep up. That's why the pieces in this collection are designed with the versatility to fit virtually any room. For delicious dining, luxurious lounging or just sensational sitting, Casual Elegance is her perfect choice.

We can't wait to introduce Casual Elegance at the High Point Furniture Market. We'll be there October 13 through 18 in the Fairfield Showroom at 200 N. Hamilton Street, Space 207. We're making it easy to visit us early with breakfast served from 8:30 to 10:30. For more information visit or call (828) 758-5571.

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